Sam's Wonderful Wildlife Photography

Sam Pattison is a keen and talented photographer, his Mum Carol tells us a bit about how his interest in photography developed and what he has done so far.

"Sam used to swim for Scotland and GB Downs Syndrome team. He swam at four DS world championships. Portugal. Taiwan. Italy and Mexico. When he gave up swimming he took up the gym and weights. He still does weights and keep fit at home. He then took up photography about four years ago.

Sam got his camera for a Christmas present after showing interest in photography. His main focus is wildlife photography, but he also enjoys taking photos of people, country scenes and general photography.

We set up a bird table down in the woods and he enjoys sitting there taking photos of various birds and learning the names. He really loves getting photos of deer and will walk a long way and spend time trying to see them. He is very patient.

We have made up calendars on Snapfish for friends and family using his photos. We have also done a couple of cards. Sam took a lot of photos at a friends wedding reception, we put them in an album for them and they were over the moon.

Photography has definitely helped Sam during lockdown, it has been something to get us out of the house and focus on. Sam has also been part of FriendZ Space and led a couple of sessions on Photography which has boosted his confidence a lot.

Sam would like to make his photography into a permanent job. However, he has still got a lot of experience to gain."

Here are a selection of Sam's photographs

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