You can get active this March and help raise much needed funds by taking part in your own unique and rewarding 21-in-21 challenge.

This is your challenge to choose.  Think of the things you love to do and see if they can be completed 21-in-21.  The rules are simple:

  • Choose how you are going to take part
  • You must complete 21 things
  • You have 21 days in which to do it – but you can also do it in one day if you want.

You could make your challenge physical and run, walk, swim or cycle one mile or aim to get to 5k by day 21! Or why not try... 

  • 21 keepie-uppies in your garden
  • 21 dance routines
  • Bake 21 cupcakes
  • Share your favourite 21 signs
  • Sing and sign 21 songs

Click here to download a printable Sponsor Form or Setting up an online sponsor page is the easiest way to ask people to donate to your challenge and help raise vital funds. The possibilities are endless.

We will be there to help you along the way.  To receive your pack please click on Sign Me Up!

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Lots Of Socks

Lots-of-Socks Down's Syndrome Scotland
Wear your brightest, most eye-catching odd socks and have fun raising awareness and vital funds for Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

Tea for 21

What better way to celebrate Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week than over a cup of tea…and a slice of cake. Celebrate by hosting a Tea for 21 party with your friends or colleagues and raise money for Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

21 in 21

Down's Syndrome Scotland 21 in 21
21 in 21 is your challenge to make your own. Whether it’s walking a mile a day for 21 days with the family, doing 21 press ups or taking on a bigger challenge of cycling 21 miles in one day. Why not give yourself a challenge and raise vital funds for Down’s Syndrome Scotland at the same time.