Celebrate Down's Syndrome Awareness Week by registering to host a Tea for 21 event. What you do, is up to you, but to provide you with a little inspiration...

Set up an afternoon tea catch-up for 21

Host a bake sale at work

Organise a Great Scottish Cake-off challenge

Invite 21 of your favourite furry friends for a teddy bear picnic at home or school

Whatever you do you ask your guests to make a donation to help us support people with Down’s syndrome fulfil their dreams.

If you would like any DSS branded fundraising materials such as a collecting can/bucket, balloons, sponsor forms or t-shirts, you can email us at takeastepforward@dsscotland.org.uk and we can arrange to send these materials to you for free!

Please remember to share your photos and stories with us by emailing takeastepforward@dsscotland.org.uk, alternatively share on your own social media pages, tagging us in to your post @DSScotland, using the hashtag #TakeAStepForward

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Lots Of Socks

Lots-of-Socks Down's Syndrome Scotland
Wear your brightest, most eye-catching odd socks and have fun raising awareness and vital funds for Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

Tea for 21

What better way to celebrate Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week than over a cup of tea…and a slice of cake. Celebrate by hosting a Tea for 21 party with your friends or colleagues and raise money for Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

21 in 21

Down's Syndrome Scotland 21 in 21
21 in 21 is your challenge to make your own. Whether it’s walking a mile a day for 21 days with the family, doing 21 press ups or taking on a bigger challenge of cycling 21 miles in one day. Why not give yourself a challenge and raise vital funds for Down’s Syndrome Scotland at the same time.